Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Merry Christmas!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful 
Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

This Is Christmas by Kutless

This is my new favorite Christmas song for sure!!! 

giving your struggles to the LORD......

I will give him...the land and set his feet on, because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly. {Deuteronomy 1:36}

Every difficult task that comes across your path--every one that you would rather not do, that will take the most effort, cause the most pain, and be the greatest struggle--brings a blessing with it. And refusing to do it regardless of the personal cost is to miss the blessing.
Every difficult stretch of road on which you see the Master's footprints and along which He calls you to follow Him leads unquestionably to blessings. And they are blessings you will never receive unless you travel the steep and thorny path.
Every battlefield you encounter, where you are required to draw your sword and fight the enemy, has the possibility of victory that will prove to be a rich blessing to your life. And every heavy burden you are called upon to lift hides within itself a miraculous secret of strength.
J.R. Miller

I cannot do it alone;
The waves surge fast and high.
And the fogs close around,
the light goes out in the sky;
But I know that we two
Will win in the end,
Jesus and I.

Cowardly, wayward, and weak.
I change with the changing sky;
Today so eager and bright,
Tomorrow too weak to try;
But He never gives in.
So we two will win,
Jesus and I.

I could not guide it myself,
My boat on life's wild sea;
There's One who sits by my side,
Who pulls and steers with me.
And I know that we two,
Will safe enter port,
Jesus and I.

The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me. ~Psalm 138:8
When a person who suffers reaches a point where he can be calm and carefree, inwardly smiling at his own suffering and no longer asking God to be delivered from it, then the suffering has accomplished its blessed ministry, perseverance has "finish[ed] its work" (James 1:4), and the pain of the Crucifixion has begun to weave itself into a crown.

The promise comes by FAITH, so that it may be GUARANTEED. ~Romans 4:16
Faith is the only way to obtain God's blessings.
There may be a great work occurring in your life when things seem the darkest. You may see NO evidence YET, but GOD IS at work. Are you reading this from a place in your life where everything seems dark? Do you have faith to see but are still not seeing? Are you lacking continual victory in your spiritual growth? Is your daily, quiet communion gone, and there is nothing but darkness all around? God works through the night until the morning light dawns. You may not see it yet, but through the night of your life, as you trust Him, He works. C.H.P.

You must trust when all else fails!! Great faith must first endure great trials.

All of this devotion was taken from various daily devotions from Streams in the Desert for Graduates by L.B. Cowman

Thursday, December 20, 2012

one thousand gifts devotional giveaway

There is a giveaway over at Meditations of His Love blog. 
The giveaway is for

One Thousand Gifts { The Devotional } by Ann Voskamp.

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