Friday, November 18, 2011

What to Look For In A Future Husband...

  • Does he have assurance of eternal life?
  • Does he faithfully share the gospel with others?
  • Is he always truthful?
  • Is he committed to never being divorced?
  • Does he honor his parents?
  • has he applied diligence in spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, praying, fasting, memorization, and giving?
  • Does he make all decisions based upon the Word of God?
  • Would you be excited to have him as the father of your children?
  • Is he diligent in his work and wise with his money?
  • Is God calling you in the same direction of ministry?
  • Does he ask for your forgiveness when he is wrong?
  • Is he humble and willing to be a servant?
  • Is he kind, thoughtful, and gracious?
  • Is he generous with others?
  • Does he respond to criticism in a Christlike way?
  • Is he willing to stand alone?
  • Do you see spiritual fruit in his life?
(taken from page 77 in Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally)

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