Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stay in the Castle - Epilogue

I left the ghetto apartment, not knowing whether I had helped or not. Teenagers have a way of leaving you wondering. A week later Lidia found me outside the church on a Sunday morning. Her old smile was back.
"Thanks, Brother Jerry," she said as she pushed a not into my hand and then walked away.
After I found my seat in the church auditorium, I unfolded the paper and read with joy the simple message in contained.

Brother Jerry,

I've decided to stay in the castle.


Six years later, I received an invitation in my mailbox. My wife and I now live in a small town that in no way resembles Chicago. I am into my third year of my first pastorate. I break the seal to find that we are being invited to a wedding. It seems Lidia has met a young man in Bible College. It seems that he is planning on being a missionary to Mexico. It seems that they are deeply in love. It seems perfect.
And it seems is was wise to stay in the castle.Link


(epilogue from the book Stay in the Castle by Jerry Ross. Page 21)

What will you do? Will you choose to stay in the castle? Wait for God's best in your life?

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