Thursday, November 22, 2012

My First Garden!!!


 This summer I attempted to do my very first garden!! It went much better than I thought
 it would but there are definitely things I will do differently next year. :)


 Tomatoes-they got MUCH taller by the end of the summer!!

 Baby Basil Plants

 L to R: basil, jalepeneos and cilantro

 Jalepeneos, cilantro, onions, and green beans

 Beans, watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe




 A picture of the entire garden

 Jalepeneos fresh from the garden...I was so excited!!:)

 Basil soaking in salt water to kill any bugs...I learned something while soaking
the basil and that is you can NOT leave the basil in the salt water for too long!
Otherwise it will turn black!! Believe me..I know from experience....


 Peach Preserves!! Yum!! 


 Corn from the garden

The carrots didn't do as well as I had hoped they 
would, but I did get one carrot!!

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