Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Pets

I thought I would do this post on my pets...and there are a lot of them! (5 dogs and 9 cats...way too many for sure!) :P
 Front-L to R: Molly and McDuff (Duffy). Back: Sassy



 Fluffers (named after my great grandmother's cat)


 Oreo (a.k.a. Cookie)

 (she is rather chunky! She used to be very thin and active but when my
 Golden Retriever, Buddy, died in 2006 she started grieving and layed around all the time) :(


 Lilly (......"I don't think they can see me!".......)
 ("Ugg. They found me.") LOL


 Isn't she adorable?!

 Snowball and Cookie

 Oreo Cookie

Ziggy (a.k.a. Zig Pig, Ziggy Piggy or Pig) :D

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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